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10 Fun facts about me

  1. I am the oldest of four children.
  2. I grew up in Guinea (not Guinea-Bissau and no I do not speak French. I blame my parents for this one, they sent me to an English speaking school haha).
  3. Hubby and I were introduced by a friend I meant in Nigeria when I attended another friend’s wedding (traveling pays off lol).
  4. I am obsessed with shoes; I have way too many pairs to count and my hubby is gradually coming to terms with my love for shoes.
  5. I have a six years old fur baby named Morgan (Maltese).
  6. I have traveled to 20~ countries and been to three continents.
  7. Black is my favorite color but when it comes to home décor, I prefer white and gray (for now) lol.
  8. I love cooking, especially Liberian and Nigerian dish.
  9. I am a Leo.
  10. I dislike odd numbers lol

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Xoxo Mo! 

XOXO Morgan
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