#1. The famous Baccarat Rouge 540 by Francis Kurkdijian. To be honest, this is my favorite perfume also, but it was not at first. It’s a scent that grows on you, and over time, it becomes your go-to perfume. However, the price tag is not budget-friendly, and I only use it for special occasions. However, here are my top two dupes that smell close if not the same:  

R.E.M or Cloud by Ariana Grande and Her Eau de Parfum by Burberry. Her Eau de Parfum by Burberry is many people’s favorite as a dupe to Baccarat Rouge 540, but R.M.E will give you that sweet undertone that Baccarat Rouge 540 has. Remember, guys, these are dupes, not the real deal, but it’s close enough.

 Here are the fragrance notes to compare them all: What’s in the Baccarat Rouge 540: Jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, ambergris. What’s in R.E.M: Tonka Bean White Musk Sandalwood, Pear Blossom Lavender Blossom, and Floral Woody Musk What’s in Her Eau de Parfum by Burberry: red and dark berries, floral with a scent of jasmine, and sensual musk-amber

Like most people, my first choice will be Her by Burberry, but again, both scent offers you the perfect dupes for the Baccarat Rouge 540.

#2. Delina La Rosee by Parfums de Marly. It’s a soft, sweet, and elegant scent. It does have some powdered undertone, but it’s a wonderful perfume for evening and springtime. The notes are Lychee, Pear, and Bergamot Essence. It also has softwood, White Musk, Vetiver, and Transparent flowers. 

My dupe recommendation would be Sexy Blossom by Michael Kors. Each fragrance has musk and flowers as its undertone. 

#3. Kayali Vanilla 28, I remember when this perfume first came out, it was the talk of the town, and it got sold out very quickly. For me, this is more so a morning/day scent or a scent I use for layering. Since the Kayali does not last long by itself, I find layering it with other scents to be much more long-lasting. 

If you want to try this scent but are not ready to commit fully, here is my dupe recommendation to try for the Kayali Vanilla 28. This scents will give you an idea of what to expect when you finally decide to buy the Kayali Vanilla 28. Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath

Here are the fragrance notes to compare them all: What’s in the Kayali Vanilla 28 – Fragrance notes: Vanilla Orchid, Tonka Absolute, Amber Woods, Musk, Brown Sugar. What’s in the Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla Mist (Bare Vanilla): Fragrance notes: Whipped vanilla. Soft cashmere.

#4. LA VIE EST BELLE by LANCOME: I think every woman should have La Vie Est Belle in their perfume collection. It’s a scent that is on the sweet side. It’s the perfect scent for anyone and any age group introduction to the luxury brand perfume.

My dupe recommendation for the La Vie Est Belle will be Red Vanilla 180 by Zara. Both scents carry the DNA of sweet note tones and warm Vanilla. 

#5. Black Opium by YSL: Black Opium is my all-time favorite perfume for Fall and night use. Overall, this scent is classy, elegant, and the fragrance you need to make a statement. However, it is on the pricey side; however, my dupe recommendation for this one will be Gardenia by Zara.

Fragrance notes for Black Opium: Black Coffee White Flowers Vanilla Warm & Spicy Gourmand and For Gardenia by Zara: Warm and spicy fragrance with floral and sweet notes. A bright bouquet of elegant iris and red peony flowers, combined with juicy notes of mandarin and a sweet and delicate touch of raspberry, fused with vanilla accords.

#6. Dior Poison Girl EDP is seductive, romantic, fresh, and a little bit heavily scented. It’s the Je ne sais quio scent you want to give in whatever room you enter. This is my go-to scent for the first date or first meeting. It is on the pricy side, so here is my dupe recommendation  

Jaipur Bracelet. Each fragrance has bitter orange as its top notes. Definitely worth trying the Jaipur Bracelet before getting the Dior Poison girl. 

#7 Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum is most people’s favorite evening perfume. It’s a sensual, floral, and feminine scent. It has tonka bean, vanilla, and almond notes in it. 

Miss Dream by La Rive makes a good dupe for Good Girl Eau de Parfum. Both fragrances share vanilla and tonka bean as notes. 

#8. CREED Love in White is a girl must-have. The overall Creed perfumes have been on my wishlist for a long time and still are. If you’re looking to get a smell of Creed love in white before buying it, Masaki Shiro is your next best option. Masaki Shiro gives you the smell and feel of Creed love in white at a fraction of the cost.

#9. Versace Bright Crystal: I remember when I was in college, this was the only scent I wanted to wear. My obsession with Versace perfumes was out of this world. I sometimes look back and see how far I have come in my perfume journey; I can’t help but laugh at myself. 

Pure Crystal by Karen Low makes a perfect dupe for the Versace Bright Crystal. Both scents carry fresh and floral undertones. 

#10. Chance Fraiche by Chanel. My very first Chanel perfume was Chance Tender, and let me tell you; I loved that scent. I still love it up to this date; however, over time, I started reaching for other brands more than Trinder.

Pure Eau Fraiche by Karen Low is a good dupe for the Chanel Chance Fraiche. Both scents are fresh and floral, but one is much more affordable than the other. You take a wild guess which one will that be. 

That’s it for today, see you next time.