When I look around lately, I am starting to see some bit of normal that we were used to prior to COVID. People are traveling more; more and more restaurants are reopening, and family and loved ones are starting to gather around the dinner table once more. These are times we missed, and it feels wonderful to have a bit of it back.

Today on the blog, I want to share five affordable brands you can shop from as we head to the streets this summer. If you’re looking for vacation outfits, wedding guest outfits, or to spice up your closet a bit, but you don’t want to break the bank while doing it, these five brands have you covered with chic, trendy, quality, and affordable pieces.


I have always found the cutest pieces of clothing from Target. Whether it is a casual or dressed look I’m going for, I will always find pieces in Target to help me get the look. I love their cord-set selections, which are suitable for brunch or just hanging out with the girls. Target also has a wonderful selection for the kids if you’re a mom and looking for places to shop for the little one. The good thing about shopping at Target is the quality and price. You get the best of both worlds.

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My favorite part about shopping from TJMAXX is the various options I have with different brands. TJMAXX has products from J Crews, Zara, French Connection, Fendi, Calvin Klein, and the list goes on. Their dresses, denim, and handbags collection are my favorite. If you love home decor and cannot stop buying furniture for your home like myself, TJ Maxx got you cover.


Marshall is the place you go for your summer shoes and clothing when you’re on a budget. Marshalls also has unique pieces and collections to shop from. Like TJ Maxx, Marshalls also have a variety of brands that you can shop from. I purchased one of my favorite summer heels by BCBG from Marshalls.


ASOS is one of those brands I love to shop at, and I am never disappointed with what I buy from them. I remembered 2020 when I was looking for my wedding dress in the middle of COVID; I had so many options to pick from ASOS. The best part about this was all the dresses were within my budget. ASOS has trendy, stylish, and affordable pieces all year round. You can find outfits for weddings, brunch, dinner, and workouts all at ASOS. Also, ASOS has its own designs that they sell, making it more fun to shop from ASOS. Depending on your budget, you can find all you are looking for when shopping at ASOS. Recently, Topshop became part of ASOS which make the brand a one stop shop all destination.

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As you know, J Crews can be expensive and out of reach at times. However, if you’re a lover of J-Crews, but you’re on a budget, you should consider the J Crews factory. If you’re looking for workwear pieces like blazers, pants, or dresses, the J Crews factory has you covered. Like J Crews itself, J Crews Factory also releases similar quality products but for a fraction of the cost. However, these pieces are always limited, so you must be on the lookout for them.

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That is it for today, guys. I hope to see you back soon. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, save, share and repost.


Xoxo, Mo

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