PS: I understand the photo quality is not that great for these photos and some were taken from Google but please be patient with me.

This blog post is long overdue but better late than ever. I promised you lovely queens this post, and I must deliver.

I spent my 31st birthday 8/6 in Houston, TX, and may I say I fell in love with the city, okay. Houston reminded me of Johannesburg, South Africa. The estate living and designated community vibes are all I got from Houston. I also loved that not all homes are built with the same designs. It is indeed hot, and my migraines were at an all-time high; however, I was born in Liberia, so the heat is the norm for me. Another thing you should know is that I also grew up in Salisbury, North Carolina, so there’s some sort of country girl in me, lol, and I was in my element; although Houston did not feel country at all.

I flew with Southwest Airlines and the flight cost $358 for a round trip, and the total travel time was 6hrs from MD with a layover in Chicago and Austin. However, with a direct flight, it’s a little under 3hrs long.

Things that I really loved about Houston is that food is very much affordable. I had a full course meal at a fancy Mexican restaurant, downtown Houston, and it only costs $56. My friend took me to a traditional Korean restaurant for my birthday, and our entire meal cost a little over $120. I ate more Mexican food during my trip that would last me the whole year lol.

I stayed at the Cambria Hotel Houston Downtown Convention Center. I made my booking through hotel.com. This hotel was a little bit of a splurge; however, it was so worth it. I was not disappointed with my stay there. Although I would say if you wanted to see more of Houston and feel like the locals, I would recommend that you stay around the Galleria or Memorial area. Those areas have the local feel then Downtown. Overall, I did enjoy my stay.


Hotels Downtown Houston TX | Cambria Houston Downtown Convention Center
Cambria Hotel Houston Downtown Convention Center to open in Great Southwest  Building - Houston Business Journal

Since I went to Houston for work and other personal matters during my birthday weekend, I really didn’t do many activities. I was primarily working and taking care of business. However, the next time I’m out there, I would like to visit the Water Park downtown and the water fountain at the Galleria. I’m not sure what they’re called, but it’s nice to visit.

I did a little bit of shopping and partook in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale while out there, and I will say the cost of living and expenses in TX is a bit more affordable than that of MD. Overall, Houston was a 10/10 for me. I will be back soon H-Town (wait am I allowed to say H-Town lol)

That’s it for today, queens, see you next time. 

Xoxo, Mo!