I read a passage this week that said, “you cannot take from an empty cup,” and it hit me deep. The lesson I learned from that was to care for myself before caring for others, and it’s okay to choose yourself first. So, I am here to remind you to take that trip today. Take that vacation and don’t look back. 

If you don’t have anyone to go with you, that is okay, make it a short trip. You can travel to a new city in your state. Or, take a staycation. No matter what the destination is, take that trip. 

Before you head to the airport, train station, bus station, or take that drive to your next vacation, I am here as your style fairy godmother with travel outfit inspo. 

Below are three airport/travel outfit inspo to choose from. I always choose comfort and style when traveling. My Botton is always a legging or coated jeans, as seen in this look. Add a white tank top, a black blazer, and a sneaker. You got yourself a comfy but elevated travel outfit. 


Next is the same pants, but we are adding a trench coat this time around because it is fall season and fall fashion rule. You can never go wrong with a trench coat. I always feel like a boss babes in a well-fitted trench coat. 


Lastly, we keep the same faux leather legging button but a white bottom-down shirt with a loafer. This look is so simple but yet elegant. Black and white is forever a classic look. 


Now, remember, ladies, these are pieces you should already have in your closet as a closet essential. If you missed my blog post on that, check it out here. 

Remember, you cannot wear any of these looks until you book that trip. Book that vacation and recharge. Once you’re fully recharged, you’re ready to conquer your goals. 

That is it for today, queens, see you next time. 

Xoxo, Mo!