Hello there friends! It’s that time of the year again when we hear the church bell ring, and the piano is playing while the bride walks in looking more radiant than ever. It’s wedding season (from May-October), and if you have any weddings to attend this year, you know the pressure is on you to look your very best. 

More weddings are happening during this time of the year, and things have changed over time regarding wedding guest outfits. People are intentional about their outfits, and in some cases, guests are told what color to wear and so forth. 

Today, I am sharing 21 wedding guests’ outfit ideas to wear for your next upcoming wedding. This year, wedding guests’ outfit trends cover prints, daring colors, out-of-the-box styles, and so much more. I love that you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to your outfit as a guest at any wedding. You can either choose to fit in or stand out; either way, you are sure to look your best. 

What should a guest wear to a summer wedding?

#1. Depending on the location or the time of the day the wedding is happening, you can either go with a light-fabric dress or something floral. For a beach wedding, a floral maxi dress or a linen set will be perfect for the occasion. Both pieces are different due to the material but still give you the option for lighter-fabric clothing.

#2. For a formal wedding, ladies wear a floor-length gown, very fancy cocktail dresses, or a custom-made gown. Pair the look with accessories like heels and dripping earrings, and style your hair away from your face. The goal is to look elegant. 

#3. Boho Dresses for the non-traditional couple. Make sure the dress is long enough to hit the floor and prints you love. Style the dress with accessories that you love to complete the look. 

#4. Lace dresses are a great option for a summer wedding, but you should be mindful of how you style them. You don’t want to turn out looking like the bride herself, so pair a lace dress with minimum accessors and comfortable shoes because you will be on the dance floor all night.  

#5. Bright-colored dresses make a great statement outfit option for any season’s wedding. Most specifically, in spring and summer, they make a great fun outfit for any guest. The right color will always flatter your skin tone when in it.

How should I dress for an outdoor wedding?

#6. Colors, lots, and lots of it. Wear bold and stunning colors: your pastel dresses, two-piece outfits, and light fabric clothing. Because of the weather, you want to stay away from heavy fabric clothing to avoid heatstroke. 

#7. Mini dresses are a great option for an outdoor/summer wedding. If you want to be intentional here, pick up a mini dress that has character, and you can show off your legs but remain elegant for the occasion. My number one fashion rule is always to have an element of surprise with your outfit. If your legs are out, keep your upper body covered. So, when you wear a mini dress for a summer wedding, make sure the dress has sleeves. This is where your element of surprise will be.

#8. Wrap dresses make a great outfit for an outdoor wedding. They are relaxed and have character. They show your curves and make you look grown and sexy. 

#9. Tulle skirt and top are fun outdoor wedding outfits. Pair a tulle skirt with a statement top and accessories, and you got yourself a very fun and elegant outdoor wedding outfit. 

What should a female guest wear to a beach wedding?

#10. Since beach weddings are considered dressy casual for most, lightweight fabric like linen and bold colors are perfect options for picking your outfits. No high heels, ladies, comfortable sandals, flats, etc. 

#11. Strapless Dresses make a great wedding guest outfit, especially during the summertime. This is also your chance to show your figure and not apologize. If you exercise daily or often, show those figures of yours, but put on some sunscreen. 

#12. A simple yet elegant sundress makes a great outfit for a beach wedding. You want the dress to show the feature that you love to be seen, like your curve, shoulders, legs, etc. A sundress accessorized with a hat and purse makes a beautiful beach wedding guest look.

#13. A two-piece pants set make good options for a beach summer wedding. You want to be relaxed and comfortable but also fashionable. Since you’re not overdressing in this case, make sure your accessories have some character. Your bags and shoes should be the center of attention for a beach wedding outfit.

What do you wear to a casual wedding?

#14. Halter neck dresses are a great option for a casual summer wedding. For the ladies who work out and want to show a little skin without showing too much, halter neck dresses are great options for you. You’re revealing but not too much. You are only showing your arms and back if the dress is open at the back. Remember to keep my recommended fashion rule here; if you’re going to reveal some skin at the top, make sure the dress is floor length. 

#15. Flowy dress with split at the front. Pair this dress with fun accessories like your shoes, bag, hairband, etc. Flowy dresses help you cover up those areas you’re cautious of but still, look your best. 

#16. Pencil skirts, a beautiful statement colorful blouse, comfortable shoes, and a mini bag make a great outfit for a casual summer wedding. You’re showing legs, but still sexy and beautiful. 

What should I wear to a spring wedding?

#17. Long sleeves dresses give you comfort and style for a spring wedding. Remember, the weather is not fully warm but not extremely cold. To have the best of both worlds, a short but long sleeves dress makes a great spring wedding guest outfit. Always accessorize to complete your look. 

#18: Jumpsuits are a flattering and safe option for a spring wedding guest outfit. You’re covered but still showing your curves and arms if the jumpsuit is sleeveless. You’re staying warm, especially if it’s an evening wedding. 

#19: Sequin dresses can be worn to any season wedding, but for the springtime, you want to accessorize them with your favorite bag or shoes, earrings, etc. They make a great transition piece and also make a beautiful wedding guest outfit idea.

Can you wear dark colors to a wedding?

#20: If the bride and groom do not have a color preference, you can wear any color to a wedding. Be mindful not to wear white or black, especially if the bride is wearing white or the couple especially says do not wear these two colors. The safest way to know which colors are allowed for any wedding is to ask the couple directly. Knowing what colors not to wear to a wedding is just as important as any aspect of the wedding. 

#21: Colors like gray, navy blue, dark brown, burgundy, red, etc., are flattering dark colors to consider when choosing to wear dark colors to a wedding. They give the illusion of a more petite figure and show your curves.


 I hope this post gets you geared up and ready for your next wedding this season. That is all for today and see you next time.