I will always be the girl who loves to dress, and most of the time; will be overdressed for the occasion. As we enter Fall, I am still holding on to the few hours of summer days left. Fall Fashion does excites me and if you’re ready for the trendy Fall 2022 Fashion, you’re at the right place.-This is your space! 

In today’s post, I will be sharing ten 2022 Fall Fashion trends. I have done quite a good amount of research around this topic, from watching runway shows to paying attention to trends I see on my social media feeds; I’ve compiled what the trend will be for this fall. 

 The best part about this is that, all these are pieces I am sure are in your possession thus far. Adding new ones to the fix is not a bad idea however, majority of the clothing should already be tacked away somewhere in your closet.


Now if you’re an old reader here, you know how much of a color blocking girl I am. So, you can imagine how excited I was to see so many colors on the runway. Not just one specific color but all colors were displayed on the runway this year. 

My monochrome girls were also represented as well. Over the years, we have seen brands focus on a specific color for the season or they just have all things neutral. However, I love the fact that this year, this was not the case. Brand embraced all colors and in fact went even further for the monogram looks. Colorful monogram looks have always been a classy look of mine. 

So, go grab yourself that orange set and wear it this fall because lots and lots of color blocking looks will be on your feed this year. From neutral, to dark and to full-blown bright colors will all be trendy this season.

#2: Biker leather Outfits

Before you get all worried, I am speaking of faux leathers not real leathers here. This one is a returned item for this Fall, and I am pleased with it. I know you still have that leather jacket in your closet that you did not wear last Fall, now this is your chance to wear it.

From leather leggings to jackets and pants, leather is on the trend for this year’s Fall Fashion. This is good to see because leather clothing is vintage as well as trendy. They will last you many seasons to come.

#3: Bomber jackets

I personally did not get into the bomber jacket fashion trend years ago but from the look of things, it has started to become a repeat of Fall which is good. Sometimes trendy items don’t normally last no more than one or two seasons however, Bomber jackets have been around for a very long time now. 

From the look of things bomber jackets are here to stay.  The new designs are pleasing as well. I’ve seen some oversized one’s and even in leather. Now this is very different from the puffy looks however, the elevation in styles make bomber jackets a good Fall trend for this year.

#4: Work wear/cooperate looks

With more and more people returning to the office, it is no surprise that work wear is in trend for this year’s Fall. I am loving the cooperate, but casual looks I am spotting on my social media feed. 

The tailored pants, blazers and tops are very much in trend this Fall. I have seen some looks dressed down while others are dressed up; and in both cases, they simply looked amazing. So, for my girls and boys heading to the office, get yourself some tailored pants and suits. Work outfits shouldn’t  be boring anymore. After all, work is eight hours of your day and you must look your best.

#5: Sports Wear

Believe it or not, sporty looks are trendy this Fall. I was in Target the other day and there was an entire section featuring sports wears. Not just basic sportswear, but fashionable and trendy ones. Long gone are those days where you only wear tennis skirts to play tennis, now, you can pair them with knee high boots and sweater, and you got yourself a fabulous outfit.


Speaking of skirts, this brings me to our next Fashion items, skirts. Maxi long skirts are in trend this Fall, and I am personally excited for this. This year, I was very intentional on adding skirts to my closet. 

Now, I get to still wear them during the Fall months. Pair maxi skirts with a boot and cropped blazer, and you got yourself a very stylish and trend setting look. Go for those long pleated colored skirts with your favorite boots. The goal is to set trend all Fall long.

#7: Sheer Materials

I’ve seen these around a lot, but I am not sure about it just yet. If you live in a colder state, this might not work for you. However, if you’re in a warmer state like I am, then you can get away with it.

#8: FALL Oversized looks OUTFIT INSPO

Oversized looks have been around for a while now; however, I love that it is finding its own place in the fashion world today. Most times, trendy pieces come onto the Fashion scene, and we don’t know what season to place them in. Should this be a summer only thing or what? But for oversized looks, it found its place and I love it.

Oversized bomber jacket, blazers, trend coats etc. will be very visible this Fall. If you don’t have an oversized piece of clothing yet, this Fall will be a good place to start. I have seen some great pieces on brands like Misspap, Mango etc. websites.


This won’t be me if we don’t talk about blazers in this post. Now we all know how I love a good pair of blazers however; blazers are indeed part of the Fall Fashion line up this year. Like oversized looks, we have seen cropped blazers trend on the Fashion streets for a very long time but I couldn’t really decide if this was a summer only piece of clothing or would it be also a choice during other seasons?

I am so happy to see it making it’s way into Fall Fashion, and I think that is the best place for cropped blazers. Now, I am not saying you cannot wear cropped blazers during other seasons, but I think it’s a very beautiful style for Fall. I have noticed brands releasing new designs, colors and patterns? for this Fall and I love it.


Saving the best for last, boots. Over knee boots, combat boots are all sticking around for this Fall. What stands over the knees boots out for this Fall is the design. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great pair of heels however I also love to be comfortable. I am seeing over the knee’s boots with lower heels (less then 1 inches) and I love that. Chunky heels boots and so forth are part of this year Fall Fashion. If you already have these pieces in your closet, that is good because we always shop our closet around here.

That brings me to the end of today’s post. I hope you found something that matches your personal style and will be incorporating into your closet for this year fall.

See you next time queen!