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September 24, 2022 in Fashion, General

Hey there queen! Fall is here and it’s time for some cozy fashion. I no longer live in Maryland therefore, I am not experiencing the full effect of Fall. However, for my ladies who are in colder states, this post is for you. 

Finding the right boots can be challenging, and I think we all can attest to it. For my bigger calved girls, I am sure you understand the struggle of trying to finding the perfect boots that look both good and fit the calves. On the contrary, my queens who are on the opposite side of this scale, having a smaller calves can be just as challenging. 

I have struggled with this myself. It’s hard finding quality boots if you have a big or small calve. In today’s post, I have compiled some of my  favorite’s brands where you can shop boots from. They are both big and small calves friendly. These boots are both stylish and affordable. There are pieces for everyone. 

That is all for today queens, see you next time. 

Xoxo, Mo!

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About Me

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