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August 6, 2022 in Fashion, General

Wow, it has been two years since I started this journey, and boy, it has been a process. I went into blogging and creating content with limited information and no industry knowledge.

This is a prime example of going into something completely blinded because that was the case for me. However, two years later, after lots of learning and unlearning, investing in myself, I think I am getting the hang of things now. 

I often receive DMs from you guys about wanting to start a blog and don’t know where to start, which I understand because I was once in your shoes. I did not know the industry or what to do. Two years later, I think I have gained enough knowledge to share with you all. 

I have written blog posts like this before here and here; however, this one is a little different because I have been doing this for two years now, and I have more information, tips, and knowledge to share. 

So here are my top ten tips before starting your blog in 2022. 

#1. Understand your specialty. 

You will hear people say to find a niche and stick to it; that is the same here. What is your specialty? What content do you want to create? What information do you like to share? Take a pen a paper, write it down and get to work.

Once you find your specialty (Food, fashion, travel, beauty, etc.), you start making content around that. Remember everything in the world has been done before; however, do not be intimidated by anyone or anything. If others can do it, so do you. It does not matter if there are 500 beauty bloggers out there; what’s missing is you. 

#2. Planning content. 

I am separating planning and creating content because I believe they should be separated. You can plan the content one day and create it the next. So let me break down planning content. So how planning my content works for me is to have everything written down, and then I work towards the plan. 

Some people function with mood boards; I do with a list. My version of a mood board is a list of things I want to achieve or create this week. Once I have my list, I start to complete them and check them off the list. 

For example, I post once a day on all my social channels; therefore, I post six times a week. Remember to use all the means of posting content available to you. Your Instagram story is just as important as your Instagram feed. 

For example, some brands will only want you to post content in your story. In these cases, the brand will ask for your story insights. If you’re not showing up in your story, you have nothing to show the brand. 

So, my weekly planning includes the amount of content I will post in my story, on my feed, blog, website, YouTube, TikTok, etc. 

My List Example

Posting multiple times a day has proven to be successful; however, so does posting once a day. Do not overwhelm yourself when you first start. Plan accordingly and work with your plan. If you’re working full-time outside content creation, having a structured plan will be one of your keys to success. 

#3. Creating Content.

Since relocating to Houston, I’ve lost my means of photography which was my little sister. However, I have learned not to complain but find a solution. To every problem, there’s an outstanding solution. You just have to find it. 

Video content is highly valued right now. When I lost my photographer, I created more and more videos content the first few weeks after I relocated. Most of those content went viral, and I gained a huge amount of audience. 

Here is how I batch content create, which enables me to work and run my blog full time. The weekend is when I create my content. I create three weeks’ worth of video content. I only create content once a month. I shoot reels, YouTube videos, and photos on a specific weekend I have scheduled to create. This was never the case for me. I had to learn the art of batch content creating.

One thing you must take away from this post is that nothing good comes easy. If you want something, you must be willing to work for it.

#4. Posting Content. 

I post five times, sometimes six times a week, as mentioned previously. I post four video content on Instagram, and those same video content goes to TikTok and Pinterest. Learn to repurpose your content. 

Funny enough, I’ve people who only follow me on Pinterest and engage with my content on that platform alone. Therefore, they get to see the content as well. I only post once or twice in feed photos, bringing my posting to six times a week. 

When I create batch content, I create 12 reels, four YouTube videos, and eight photos. These contents are then circulated on all my social channels. To succeed at this, you must work smart, create batch content, and learn your posting schedule. 

Regarding posting schedule, once you have a creator account, Instagram provides that information to you in the insight app. 

#5. Blogging Equipment’s. 

I will be the first to say this, even though it’s not necessary to have fancy equipment to get started, I believe having them early helps and keep you grounded. When I first started, I purchased an $800 camera. Because I had that camera, it motivated me to create content. 

I knew I had to prove to myself the value of that camera. I needed to get my money’s worth, so I ensured my sister and I used that camera weekly. I think that mindset speaks to my success today. 

I also use my iPhone to create all my reels and sometimes take photos. I later invested in another camera for vlogging, and I have no regrets.

Here is the truth, start with what you have; however, if you want success and quality content, invest in the equipment. I once learned that quality content is what keeps a first-time visitor to your page, which is true. 

#6. Editing Tools. 

I use InShot to edit all my Instagram and TikTok videos, Lightroom, and my iPhone to edit my photos. Editing is part of content creating you must master as quickly as possible. Watch YouTube videos, learn how to create Presets, etc. 

Buying Preset won’t work as you would like it to because of skin tone. Everyone has a different complexion. What works on the seller’s complexion might not work for you even if you readjust the settings. I learned this earlier in my journey and used YouTube to learn. 

There are other editing tools out there, but when you first get started, find one or two tools, master them and start using them. Over time, you can learn to use more tools but keep it simple in the beginning. 

#7. Motivation, Discipline, and Commitment.

Let me start with motivation. Find your motivation earlier on in your journey and hold on to it. Next, learn your discipline skills. Hold yourself accountable, and make sure you always show up. Lastly, commit yourself to always putting in the work. 

These three things, motivation, discipline, and commitment, goes hand in hand on this journey. Without them, you will not succeed, my friend. Not always will you be motivated to do the work, but because you’re disciplined, you will do it anyway. 

Just as you’re committed to your full-time job, you should be committed to creating content. Your commitment will be used on days you don’t want to get up or go in the snow to shoot those content. Without this mindset, you won’t win at it. 

#8. Growing your audience.

You must be patient with this part. It’s a slow and gradual process. For many months, things won’t move or grow as fast as you would like them to but keep going. Keep posting, keep creating and be your own hype man.


Love your content; make sure it is content you’re willing to consume yourself first before sharing it with people. Create relationships with your audience, talk to them, ask them questions, get to know them, and trust the process. 

#9. Expenses

Content creation is expensive. When you first start, you will be responsible for all expenses. You must keep this in mind. No one will start giving you free products right away. Over time they will, but not for the first year, or two. 

The way this has worked for me is by budgeting. I have a specific amount I set aside for content creation. It does not have to be a huge amount; this is why you use Goodwill and second-hand stores if you’re a fashion creator. 

Use RewardStyle to gain commission and use those funds for buying products and hiring photographers if needed. Remember to work smart, prioritize and make the best financial decision for yourself. User my RewardStyle referral link to sign up.

#10. Brand Partnerships. 

I kept this one for last, and here is the hard truth. You won’t be making thousands of dollars right away. In fact, brands won’t even look at you, let alone pay you to create content for them. However, the way you balance things out until funds start to come in is to sign up for affiliate links programs like RewardStyle and earn that way. Use my referral link to sign up. 

I am not saying as a small creator; you won’t get opportunities for paid partnerships; you will, however, don’t expect the amount to be massive. In fact, my very first paid partnership was with a black brand, and this was after a year of creating content.

At the end of the day, you want to get paid for creating content; however, ask yourself, is my goal to get paid? or do something that I love every day even if I am not getting paid?

In conclusion, becoming a blogger in 2022 is possible, and it’s a very exciting craft, but you have to be patient with yourself, trust the process, never stop learning, master your craft, and show love and support for yourself and others. 

There are other things like finding your blog name, building your website etc. that was left out of this post. However, this post was focus on the content creation aspect of starting a blog. Let me know in the comment below if you would like a post about the technical aspect of starting a blog and I will provide that.

I wish you all the best on your journey, let me know if I did not answer a question you had in the comment below, and I will address them. 

Best of luck, see you next time. 

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