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July 30, 2022 in General, Travel

Ciao amiko/amika!

If you’re like me and have always wanted to visit Italy, precisely Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast, then you’re at the right place. This post is for you. Here are a few things to expect when visiting Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast. 


Depending on which part of the US you’re flying from, you should expect to pay anywhere between $1000 to $2500 for a flight. This cost also depends on when you plan to travel. It is wise to visit before July and after August. 

Flights are affordable, and the place is less crowded before July and after August. There are no airports in Lake Como and Amalfi. Your means of getting to Lake Como is to fly into Milan and then take the train, ferry, or taxi to the lake. 

The ferry and train are the cheapest means as prices are low as $5 one way. Taxi will run you up to $130 from Milan to Lake Como, depending on which province you will be staying at. 

You also can fly from Milan to Napel, then take a taxi to Amalfi. There is no airport as well in Amalfi. The closest airport is in Napel.

Accommodations in Italy

There are different provinces on Lake Como and the Amalfi coast example: Lecco, Bellagio, Verona, etc., are all provinces in Lake Como. Scala, Positano, Ravello, Amalfi center etc. are also provinces in Amalfi. The further you stay from Como city, the cheaper accommodation will be. The same applies to Amalfi.

Airbnb is an option, and so are those chain hotels. For our trip to Lake Como, my friend and I stayed in Lecco, and in Amalfi, we stayed in Scala. 

Transportation in Italy

From Scala to Amalfi is a 20mins bus ride. The ferry to Positano from Amalfi center is 30 mins. The bus runs anywhere from $2-$4 one way, and the ferry costs $16 one way. 

In Lake Como, a taxi from Lecco to Bellagio can cost $85, and the bus is much cheaper. However, Taxi is 30mins from Lecco to Bellagio, and the bus is an hour plus.

Driving is an option, but I won’t recommend it if you’re not used to driving on small and narrow roads. The drive is very uncomfortable. If you genuinely want to drive and experience driving in Europe, renting small cars like Fiat is recommended. Do not rent SUVs; they are too big for the narrow roads. It will make driving difficult, and it will be a waste of money. 

Smaller cars like Fiat are built for Europe’s narrows and smaller roads. Because Amalfi is in the mountains, driving a sedan or SUV will be difficult, and you won’t enjoy the experience. 

Another option for transportation will be to book a taxi ahead of your arrival. Have a schedule with the taxi companies, and they will have drivers available for you each time you’re ready to be transported to a location. If not, you will be stranded for many days. Uber is not available in Italy; therefore, less competition for the drivers and fewer cars are available.  

Food in Italy

I had some of the best pizza, pasta, and wine in Italy. For obvious reasons, you should expect to have good pizza and pasta. However, it does become repetitive over time. 

If you’re staying in Italy for over a week, eating only pizza and pasta won’t do. As an African woman, that was my only problem with the food. Not spicy enough and limited options in food choices. It’s either pasta or pizza, nothing in between. 

Things to do Lake Como and Amalfi

Because our trip was planned last minute, we did not do many activities nor see the highly visited tourist areas. However, we rented boats in Amalfi and Lake Como and got on the water. It was the highlight of my trip, and we enjoyed it. 

In Lake Como, we visited Bellagio and did some shopping. Bellagio is a must to visit when in Lake Como; however, we did experience some racism there, which I did not like. We also spent some time in Como center and did more shopping. 

We visited Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi city center and did more shopping. We did club one fun night. We also did a wine tasting, and it was lovely. 

We did not get to visit the museums or gardens in Lake Como; however, we did have a great experience. My recommendation will be to plan your activities ahead of time, list the things you want to do while out there, and then purchase your tickets before your arrival. Or, have your hotel book your activities ahead before coming. The hotel assists guest with these tasks.

Cost & Expenses while visiting Italy

Personally, this was the most expensive trip I have been on, but it was also the most rewarding one. If you’re only going to visit Lake Como, prepare to spend anywhere between $2500 or above. Amalfi, I believe, was a lot more affordable.

That is all for today, queens. I hope you found this post to be helpful. 

Xoxo, Mo!

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