Maryland weather refuses to acknowledge spring. It has been in the low 60’s all week long, and at this point, I just need it to be hot now. Welcome to the month of June, guys. I pray this month brings you good tidings and MD weather gets it together. For May Q&A, you guys asked me questions from life, confidence, and general style questions.

Some of the questions were previously answered in other monthly Q&As; please check those out if you missed them. For today, I selected ten questions out of the batch that you all sent in. I will not answer your questions in any particular order. Enjoy.

Question. I Love your content; how often do you post?

Answer: Thank you very much, and thanks for being part of my tribe. Previously, I posted once a day across all my social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest (I stopped for a while) Tiktok, about twice a week). I realized that my content was not doing well when I posted once a day, so I increased the numbers. I now post twice a day on Instagram and Facebook, seven times a day on Pinterest (these are automated, which makes it simple for me), three times a week on Tiktok, and twice a week on the blog. I have since seen a significant amount of increase in my content engagement.

Question. How are you?

Answer: I’m doing okay, thanks for asking. I am still trying to manage all that is on my plate, but I am okay. Automating tasks and prioritizing them have helped. 

Question: I love your accent, where are you from?

Answer: Liberia

Question: You seem confident; are you really that confident?

Answer: As a black woman working in cooperate America, I had to learn to be confident. If not, I would be feed to the wolves. So yes, I am confident in myself, which has not always been the case.

Question: Happy first anniversary. How did you and your husband meet? Curious reader here.

Answer: A mutual friend introduced hubby and me, and the rest, well, is history.

Question: Who is your photographer? Your photos are great.

Answer: Thank you, my younger sister takes my photo. Check her page out @thelensflyne

Question: Hey girl, long-time fan here. It has been a complete joy following your journey. I just wanted to say I enjoy your content. Keep it up.

Answer: Thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate the love and support always.

Question: Sis, any tips on how to be consistent and creating content? You do it so well.

Answer: Thank you so much for the compliment. To be honest, my drive for consistency comes from my want. How badly do I want this is the question I ask myself daily? And the answer is always; I need this, so I will put in the work. The rest is easy; use every opportunity to create content. Whatever your niche is, create content around that. You are probably doing things in your daily life that can be documented and used as content.

Question: Do you offer personal styling services?

Answer: Yes, I do. All the information about this will be added to the blog soon. You will be able to book my styling services on my website.

Question: I have a vacation coming up; any tips on what to pack for my trip? We’re going to the Caribbean.

Answer: First, congratulations and enjoy your trip. I will start with the basic travel essentials (personal care products). In terms of outfits, base on the activities you guys will be doing, I say pack some mini dresses and sneakers. Linen is trending now, so add those as well. It can be a shirt or pants add some linen. Add some bold colors and prints to your outfit list as well and some shorts. Lastly, I will say add some evening wear and dinner dresses as well. I hope this helps you get started. Oh and before I forget, pack some bathing suits as well.

That brings us to the end of May Q&A. Thanks for participating. We will catch up again with June Q&A.

Xoxo, Mo!

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