By now, you should have seen or heard about Kurt Geiger Kensington’s bag. If not, you are in the right place because I am about to tell you all there is to know about this British brand. 

Kurt Geiger is a British high-end street brand that owns three brands Kurt Geiger London, KG Kurt Geiger, and Carvela Kurt Geiger, created by its in-house team. 

I was first introduced to the brand summer of 2021 by a content creator that I followed. I instantly fell in love with the eagle motif on the bag. That is the signature piece of the brand. The eagle motif made me buy my first Kurt Geiger Kensington bag instantly. 

Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review

The iconic bright rainbow shades bag is the most wanted among the bags. More and more people purchase that design because why not? It is stunning and perfect for spring and summer. Not only can that bag be paired with different looks, but the size is also perfect for those who prefer a smaller bag. 

Personally, the size of the Kensington mini is an issue for me. It’s too small to hold anything. It barely fits my phone and my card wallet. I find myself using it for a style, not for convivence. I own two of the mini, and it’s time I invest in the larger bags. Other than the sizing issue of the mini, the bag is stunning, and I always get lots of compliments when I wear them. 

Kurt Geiger Kensington Bag Review

In general, I am a huge fan of the brand. It offers you the opportunity of owning a designer brand at a reasonable price. What excites me most about Kurt Geiger Kensington Bags is the options. The bag is not limited to one style or color. There are varieties for people of all styles. From minimalistic to color lover individuals, you are guaranteed to find a bag or two you will like. 

Is Kurt Geiger good quality?

Although the brand is not a luxury brand, as one will describe luxury brands, I find the quality compared to some luxury brands out there. What makes the brand stand out so much among other brands is affordability. The cost for one Kurt Geiger bag won’t cause extensive damage to your budget. I have traveled across the continent with my Kurt Geiger bags, and they still stand firm. I have owned both my bags for almost a year now, and the quality is still outstanding.

Are Kurt Geiger bags made in China?

Yes, all the products are made in china, including the shoes. This is one of the main reasons the brand did not fall into the luxury brand category but instead a high-end street brand. 

Where can I buy Kurt Geiger bags?

Nordstrom and Nordstrom’s rack carries the brand. Also, you can buy the bag from their website itself. I bought mine from Nordstrom because they always have sales going on.

Overall, I am a fan of Kurt Geiger bags. It gives me street style and luxury for a reasonable cost. I do see more Kurt Geiger bags in my future. 


That is all for today, see you next time. 

Xoxo, Mo!