In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, and just like that…… we get to experience the beauty of spring once more. The blooming flowers, warm days and cold nights, and new fashion trends.

Let’s get into the 2022 spring must-have. What is happening in the fashion world and what to expect from your favorite brands. This time of the year truly excites me, I have transitioned my entire closet for spring and some summer clothing. Today, I am sharing all the tips and must-haves for spring/2022 trends.

What are the fashion trends for 2022?

If you have watched any runway shows this year, you should’ve see that brands are showcasing silhouettes dresses and platform shoes, and I have fallen into the trap of planform heels and purchased one already.  Colors, lots, and lots of colors to add to your closet. For someone like me who loves a pop of color to elevate my looks, this excites me. Watch this reel I created of color combs I would wear. Ballooned and fun blouses made their way into 2022 fashion as well. Come to think of it; vintage fashion isn’t going away anytime soon. These volume blouses and top reminds me of the 80s and 90s. 

Cutouts top and dresses should be on your radar because they are a huge part of this year’s fashion as well. I am still on the fence for this one because I am more of show your legs type of gal than show your belly, but hey, fashion calls, you accept. 

I love a good mixture of prints and colors. With prints being a part of this year’s fashion, this makes me happy. Imagine mixing the perfect print dress with some purple or green accessories to complete the look. Imagining that just excites me.  

What are the new spring colors? 

Bright, bold, and outstanding colors, purple and green are the color for 2022. Start adding all shades of purples and greens to your closet now, my color-loving folks. Other colors that made the list this year are pink, soft lilac, blue, scarlet, and yellow, to name a few. 

2022 Jeans trend 

Yes, the 90s are back, and for a while, it seems. The 90’s jeans are part of the lineup for 2022 fashion. More and more brands and releasing fun and energetic jeans. I am yet to find the perfect black, distressed 90’s high-rise jeans for me to join the party, but I am still looking. Cargo pants will also make a huge comeback in this year’s fashion. Start looking now, because if you want to join the cool kids, get yourself a cargo pant. 

Here are a few jeans that are part of the 2022 trend lineup you might want to add to your closet. 

  1. 90’s high rise jeans
  2. 90’s loose fit jeans 
  3. Straight leg jeans
  4. Ripped jeans 
  5. Pleated reworked jeans 

What accessories will be a trend in 2022?

I barely wore earrings when I was younger. I had a huge dislike for earrings, but now, I buy them more than any other accessories in my closet. 2022 accessories are in, and the earrings are a factor. From small to big hoops earrings to pearls and fun jewelry are all part of the 2022 accessories lineup. Barret made a comeback this year with plump belts. This was predictable from last year as the Loewe belt was a huge hit. Bags, specifically color-blocking bags are all part of spring 2022.  

That brings us to the end of today’s post. See you next time.