Welcome to August Queen. As we all know August is the peak of summer and a lot of people will be trying to squeeze in some last-minute vacation planning. If you are like me, l can just wake up in the morning and plan an entire vacation in a short time frame.

I decided to come up with some vacation outfits, hygiene products, and travel essentials that you can easily come up with in a short time. What you should always remember to consider is the weather, activities, and destination. You don’t want to pack a lot of outfits that don’t suit the weather in that location.

Maxi Dresses/rompers/airy dresses

You will never go wrong with a maxi dress during vacation. Personally, l love Maxi dresses and oversized rompers because they are so easy to style, and you can feel very comfortable in them. You can easily accessorize them to your preference by adding on some slides, slippers, and oversized hat and you are good to go.

Mini Dresses/Shorts/Skirts

If you are not a Maxi skirt or dress fan l got you. Some people like mini dresses for vacations and l do too. Mini dresses are great to style, you can easily add on some slides and jewelry and the look is complete. Personally, l love mini dresses for a lazy afternoon and having those legs out. Let’s talk about shorts, you can pack different types of shorts like flowy linen shorts or denim shorts, and you can pair them with an oversized white shirt to complete the look.

Shirts/t-shirts/tank tops

These are a staple for any vacation. Personally, l love oversized shirts on vacation. You can easily style them with pants, shorts, miniskirts, or even as cover-ups. Add on an oversized hat and some good slides and the whole look is elevated.


Hear me out, I know some people do not like working out during vacation, but you might have some outdoor activities lined up and you might need a pair or two of athletic shorts or leggings.

Sleepwear and Undergarment

Feeling and looking good is always the goal for me and depending on the type of vacation l am on, l will decide on what sleepwear to pack along. Consider packing some cute lingerie, some matching pajama sets, and morning gowns. Packing a pair of loungewear is always a great idea for either breakfast on the house or if you are having a lazy morning but still want to look cute.

Comfortable Vacation Shoes

Now let’s talk about shoes. When choosing shoes to wear, you should always have in mind the itinerary. If you have a lot of outdoor activities planned, then some comfortable sneakers would be a good idea. If you plan on going to the beach, then consider packing along some flip-flops or beach sandals. Not forgetting evening time, if you have some dress-up nights then consider taking some dressier shoes for the evening.

Best accessories for vacation

I love accessories. You know a good pair of earrings can take your whole look to another level. I would consider taking some statement jewelry pieces to elevate your outfits. Head wraps or scarves if you like that style, small crossbody bags for hands-free exploring. Beach oversized hats are great as a statement piece and sunblock.

Beach essentials for vacation

If you are planning to go to the beach then consider packing along some beach towels and mats, a beach bag to carry all your essentials. Sunscreen is a must-have, lip balms, and a book if you are a reader. Do not forget that oversized hat lol.

Hygiene essentials for vacation

Maintaining good hygiene while on vacation is essential okay. If you are going on a road trip the size would not matter, but if flying and not checking in your bag, then consider buying travel-sized items. Toiletries, toothbrush, and paste (l always bring extras just in case lol), mouthwash, deodorant, feminine products and just to mention a few. A first aid kit (travel size) and some hand sanitizer and sanitizer spray are a must too.

Skincare and Makeup essentials for vacation

This is a must if you will not bring anything lol. We do not want to come back from vacation with damaged skin. Make sure you bring your sunscreen, okay. I would consider having moisturizers with SPF in them because that will be like killing two birds with one stone. Makeup remover wipes are also a great idea and do not forget to double cleanse if you had makeup on. Depending on the weather of your destination, opting for mattifying makeup or primer is always a good option to avoid your makeup melting. You can also get a mattifying setting spray too.

Traveling essentials

Often we focus on clothes and makeup and forget about essentials we might need. Starting with Apple tags. There is nothing frustrating like losing your bag while going on vacation, so getting these tags on your bag will help you keep tabs on them. Earplugs or sleep masks are great for better sleep especially if you are going to a different time zone area. Insect repellent is great for outdoor activities.


I made a list of extra items you might consider having along for your trip:

  • Portable charger for your devices
  • Camera for capturing those beautiful memories.
  • Earphones for long flights if needed.
  • Passport wallet.
  • TSA-precheck (you do not want to miss that flight)

I hope this helps you to plan your next vacation and always keep in mind pieces that can be mixed and matched can save space and give you multiple options. If possible, stick to a color palette that coordinates well so that you can maximize your outfits. And most importantly the weather app is your best friend when packing. Make sure you are packing according to the climate of your destination. One other thing that helps is to write everything down that you want to pack along and run down the list once you are done to ensure that you do not forget anything.